Full stack development

We all know that the world becomes digital and virtual now a day and the web development is very high in demand. With the use of different and latest technologies and frameworks, you can make a captivating and user-friendly website. The website you are searching or surfing, this was made with the use of a number of technologies and has multiple functional Stacks called Full Stack Development.

“Full stack development is where all the stacks are together and the developer is who can make all these stacks.”

There are total three type of stacks or level in full stack development,

  1. Presentation Layer
  2. Logic Layer
  3. Data Layer

Let throw some light on that, how they work?  What is the use in Web Development?

·        Presentation Layer

The layer, you interact with and watch all the stuff like video, images, you read the information is the presentation layer. The attractive, presenting and eye-catching content is shown at this layer on the website. This layer is formed with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

·        Logic Layer

Typical programming like PHP, C, Javascript,, and Ruby is  included in the logic layer, and Where the main programme  is created and logic is made. It is the medium layer between UI layer and Database layer. There are many new programming languages introduced nowadays like Angular.js and Node.js.

·        Data Layer

Where the database is held and one can perform actions like the store, edit, remove, fetch called the data layer.

This three layer combination  called Full stack, and now we will focus on why IT industry needs this!!

Having all functionality of technical aspect like the front end, back end and database is the gem of web development. To make a complex application that has all these functions is very hard and even it is very useful.

Why it is important?

 *You can make a unique solution with the use of different technologies.

How the industry is growing, we all know there are so many technologies in the IT world, and they all have their own purpose and functions. If you have knowledge of different technologies, you can create unique code with use of the technology combination of different layers. Whether anyone wants simple or complex doesn’t matter at all.

* You can give beautiful layout as well as perfect solution

By merging any technology in different layer, you can make beautiful and compelling designs as well as a better programme. If anyone knows full stack development then he/she can convert graphics into animation, also images into front end, you can use all the useful information in your website. It will decrease dependency on other professionals, and it increase efficiency of work.

*You can insert database in your website, handle all the stuff parallel

Sometimes it happens that, you know the front end and middle layer but for big database handling you need other person and your work will be pending for some time. All you know this database layer than no need to worry, by adding data parallel of your code making, you can improve your efficiency. If you know all the limitations and all, not to worry about stack overflow.

What is the Conclusion?

Learn all the technologies as much as you can, it will help you to make a good project and to get success in IT world. UX, UI, core languages like PHP, Python, frameworks provides these all layer in one frame ( it is easy for a developer to make code), data structures  used to upgrade IT world.

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