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Requirement of Guest Post

Only list kind of guest post is accepted in the following categories:

  • Resource
  • Research
  • Content Marketing
  • Success Stories
  • Strategy
  • SEO
  • Tools
  • Social Media
  • Measurements and ROI
  • Brand Managements
  • Advertising

We at SEOExpertStuff have some conditions for our post, such as:

  • Your content must be unique
  • It shall not have been published on any other blogging sites and will not be published on any other sites.

We reject most of our articles if they are not unique and have been published on other sites. In order to give you high quality backlinks and exposure to the reader’s all around the world.

  1. Your Post has at least 1500 Words.
  2. Your full profile details include full name, blog/site URL, author bio etc.
  3. Needs 1-3 high quality images (2560 * 1700px and .jpg or .jpeg).
    If you are willing to get backlink then, it will cost you.

Important points for your guest posting

There are some points that I need to highlight for our talented writers. They are as follows:

  • Never add you author bio in the Blog body.
  • In some case, We will be adding internal link of seoexpertstuff.com in your blog wherever it fits. By this way you can also have a backlink of some other blog’s as well.
  • The posts that you provide must be of high quality, so that you can contribute your post for the readers. And not the post made solely for link building.
  • We prefer a detailed blog and not the blogs that provide insufficient articles.
  • Your post title must be such that the readers will be willing to read your article. The title of the article represents what is your blog all about. So come up with some new and creative ideas.
  • Again, I believe in uniqueness so please do not post the blogs that are already been submitted because it will be rejected.
  • As you all know the power of guest posting and I also believe in it. We do not object to the freelancer’s content writer unless and until your blog has some quality. You can add links to your blog but subject to it must be relevant and it must not be more than necessary.
  • Once you have submitted a blog it doesn’t belong to you anymore. It will be my property from that point onwards.
  • I have all the rights to reject your blog without informing you.
  • I also have the right to modify your blog and title as it fits the best and it will be done with respect to that it doesn’t lose its importance.

The above mentioned rules are to be followed if you a blog and to be published on seoexpertstuff.com. The rules are shared as to save your time and mine as well. As we do not want any kind of trouble in the future for me and as well as for you.


Your post will be reviewed and published, if it meets all the criteria’s that are mentioned above.

If you have any queries regarding your guest blogging then feel free to email us [email protected]