Our Story

Our Mission

“Make it happen: From complex to simple and innovative”

SEO ExpertStuff is known for keeping simple, from breaking down the most intricate data.

Our vibe

By researching the digital market, collecting the correct key information, provide to the right audience is our passion. The right audience includes “the digital marketers”, “the entrepreneurs” and “the seekers of digital marketing”. All updates, aspects, outcomes, implementation, and requirements are included in the basic information what we provide here SEO ExpertStuff.

Our founding
SEO ExpertStuff” was founded by Soma Ghosh and Swapan Kumar Ghosh in May 2017. They already put their efforts since 2016, after they get a great idea. The world is transforming, by using the internet, and it is very necessary to make complicated structure easy so people can easily understand.

1. Swapan Kumar Ghosh
Mr. Swapan has quality experience in SEO and internet marketing. The perfect blend of knowledge and wisdom, He is always eager to share his knowledge for marketing online by his experience.

2. Soma Ghosh
Soma Gosh has 7 years of experience in the digital marketing field and it makes her an expert in the particular area. She can understand all the measures and features of digital marketing and give a push towards this.


Our efforts-How we reached here?

When two gems come together, Swapan – a great knowledge gainer and Soma – an experienced and self-learner and starting a blog. The blog is in a good position with their passion and endless effort for sharing knowledge by launching their website.

We believe to research, and go with the market scenario by updating ourselves, it is appreciable. Providing the latest news and updates regarding digital marketing and SEO is our main service. We are not only providing technical knowledge but also provide articles related to Hollywood, Bollywood, health awareness and etc. We have a vast range of audience want news and updates.

Today we are growing fast but our mission has never changed. We will help you to get knowledge from day to day. You are always welcome to post comments and ask queries, our digital consultant reply you soon.