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SEO’s can benefit from a content audit. It talks of ways to repurpose content and understand the loophole that is essential to address. The SEO world gets impacted hugely by changing tactics and trends. The online marketers try to make sense of it all and arrange their content marketing strategy as well. Recent research shows that about 75% of the marketers are count on content marketing as a potent tool.

One of the most important findings is that companies lack a properly documented content strategy. It can hamper the way content gets analyzed and documented. It is here the process of the content audit comes handy. To know more about this and implement it, you can get in touch with SEO Singapore Services Company.

Understanding content audit

Simply put, a content audit is an essential strategy for content marketers. It can enhance their website quality for both search engines and users. Many online marketers move away from the process of a content audit because it involves an enormous amount of work. Through content auditing, online marketers can analyze the content on the website. The intent of every content will differ, and so will the outcomes. However, the ultimate objective is the same. Online marketers are attempting to understand how search engines and online users perceive the web content.

The SEO advantages of a content audit

There are several ways in which a content audit can enhance website performance. Some of the benefits are:

  • This helps to increase rankings
  • It increases conversion rates
  • This fixes the keyword cannibalization
  • It removes the duplicate pages

The kind of information required for a content audit

The requirement varies from one site to the other. The information on a website that has millions of webpages and the one with a few thousand webpages will differ. Discussed below are some critical data points that the best SEO agencies suggest to get started:

  • Link data – You can source this from your choicest SEO tools. It is always better to search for more than a single data set.
  • HTTP status – It is similar to a technical SEO audit where you should check for the HTTP codes. You can have access to quick wins that you can discover.
  • Google indexation – You need to know whether Google is correctly indexing your web pages. And if there are a few mistakes and Google can’t access them, you should discover the errors and sort it out.
  • Social shares – You should know whether your content is getting shared correctly on social media or not.
  • The page speed scores – You need to know the speed of your webpage’s. Are there specific page sections that load slowly? If yes, you need to work on it.
  • The content quality – Is it easy for others to read and understand your content? Or there are a few pages that rank negative in sentiment analysis? You need to address these questions here.

You can also consider other details like Google analytics data as well as SEMrush. When you understand the relevance of SEO audit, you can leverage it for your SEO boost. However, it is always better to allow an SEO agency to guide you.

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Recent research shows that about 75% of the marketers are count on content marketing as a potent tool. Read guide on content audit & SEO.

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