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Digital Marketing Strategies: 2019 is almost over, and it’s time to break out the party hats once again as 2020 knocks on our doors.

2019 was a tumultuous year for website SEO and organic traffic owing to Google Core Algorithm updates and the suspected maverick update. Google’s new trend promises an announcement of new updates before the search engine giant rolls them out. However, is it possible to predict the performance of a website in 2020?

The performance of any site depends upon several factors, including the site’s optimization for local search, local keywords, organic results, featured answers/snippets, voice search, Google knowledge graph, and Google Lens.

Why does Google SEO deserve your attention?

As you can see, many website owners and tech experts were unfamiliar with terms like voice search, featured snippets and Google Lens even a couple of years ago. However, as these have become integral parts of every user’s tech experience, a website needs to optimize its content for all of these factors and beyond. Optimizing your content for Google automatically aligns it with the optimization requirement of other search engines, including DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and Bing. Nonetheless, Google SEO is tricky, and the constantly evolving search algorithms don’t make optimization any easier for the digital marketing strategies team.

Do you need the help of a digital firm to recuperate your loss in Google rankings?

Keeping pace with Google’s changing search algorithms can be tricky, but once you begin to follow SEO forums, blogs, and magazines featuring snippets from SEO experts, you will get the hang of the do and don’ts of SEO quite easily.

More than 80% of Google users currently use the search engine to look for information on local businesses. Now, Google serves 3.5 billion searches every day and 40,000 queries every second. Considering its steady growth by 10% every year, Google serves as the best target for digital marketing strategies teams looking for organic promotion and traffic.

With every minute, you might be losing hundreds of potential paying visitors. Unless you have an SEO contingency in place, you need to consider hiring a digital marketing agency to look after your website performance and KPI analytics.

How can a digital marketing firm report on changes in website performance?

Irrespective of the changes you wish to see on your site and your website’s analytics report, you need to begin with a complete audit. A comprehensive website audit encompasses its SEO. Think of an audit as a health checkup for your website. The higher your site scores on an audit, the better it can perform in the face of recent algorithm changes.

Moreover, the user’s demands and intentions have evolved in the last decade. The modern Google users are smarter and sharper than they were ten years ago. They do not take kindly to fluff and keyword repetitions. An audit is the only way to ensure that your website is completely ready for all types of users who are looking for you or your products and services.

Every digital marketing firm worth its salt has dedicated software platforms and tools in place that can track the key performance indicators (KPIs) of a website. These include the click-through rates, dwell time, bounce rate, organic traffic flow, referral traffic, search engine traffic, keyword performance, and conversion rates. You can expect complete performance reports from your Digital firm at least once per month.

How can a small change influence your website traffic, conversion, and sales?

All recent updates to the Google search engine algorithm point towards a singular aim – to improve the user’s experience. User experience (UX) has always been critical to Google, and it has inspired iconic updates like Penguin and Panda. However, the changes that followed the broad core update of 2019 were more cryptic and affected similar websites in different ways. Finding a common factor was quite tricky, and experts are still debating whether another, smaller Maverick update soon followed the broad core update.

Nonetheless, it is quite clear that the ulterior motive of all these updates was to boost the visibility of the more streamlined websites that feature the latest information in the most easy-to-access manner. At the same time, research showed that sites with images bearing alt tags and descriptions, optimized videos, and captions performed much better than the other websites without any touch of media optimization.

One of the most common yet essential aspects of a site’s SEO is mobile-friendliness. More than 90% of all customers use mobile phones to look for more info on a business. More than 76% of these searches end up in phone calls. Mobile responsive websites are easy to explore, and consumers can complete purchases from these sites directly without switching devices. Experts predict that by 2021, sales via mobile devices will reach $1.4 trillion.

Skyrocketing sales and abundance of organic traffic are definitely reasons enough for any website owner or digital firm to adopt new SEO tactics. It is time to revisit your old website optimization measures and evaluate your site’s mobile-friendliness before you launch new products and services under your brand name.

Why should you work with a digital firm that keeps track of the latest SEO changes?

The recent updates in the Google search algorithm are changing their attitude towards JavaScript components on webpages. Earlier, managing JavaScript components was tricky, and they often took a hefty toll on a site’s SEO and performance. Some JS components refused to show up since Google does have reservations about the APIs and JS features.

Back in 2018, Google clearly stated that Google bots lack the resources necessary to crawl and render JS powered sites in spite of widespread reports claiming otherwise. However, Google’s stance on JavaScript components is improving, although it continues to be highly error-prone. Thoroughly auditing your site might be able to elucidate the JS-rich areas of your website and give you ways to bypass loading up on JS and replacing it with HTML code instead.

Working with a digital firm might sound like a costly step, but it is a smart investment. All successful businesses with an online front have dedicated digital marketing firms looking after their rankings, keyword performance, blog traffic, and sales. To save big bucks in the future, you should consider investing a few additional dollars in digital marketing strategies.

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Digital marketing strategies for ever-changing search engine algorithms?
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Google’s new trend promises an announcement of new updates before the search engine giant rolls them out. However, is it possible to predict the performance of a website in 2020?
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