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With a growing user base of smartphones and greater access to the internet, every segment of life is heading towards digital platforms. Publication houses are the frontrunners on these aspects. In this context, provided below are the prominent online bengali magazines for bengali language enthusiasts.


Shaptahik is one of the most popular online bengali magazines. As the name suggests, the term ‘Shaptahik’ means weekly, which means that the offline version comes on a weekly basis. However, the online edition can be gone at any time by anyone who has access to the internet. This is a great online project to know about contemporary issues. At the same time, this can be an incredible magazine for those who are having an interest in Bengali literature.


Kalompaturi is an incredible magazine for all those who are interested in Bengali literature. The best part about the magazine is its diversity. Specifically, those who are interested in short stories and poems can find it an incredible Magazine. They provide incredible Bengali short stories for the audiences. Those who love big stories can also find it excellent. Interestingly, here one can explore a huge range of paintings as well.

The site can be equally excellent for song enthusiasts as well. Apart from these, those interested in dance videos can find it a great platform as well. Those not interested in videos can explore audio stories in it as well.  The best part is that they keep on updating the write-ups in a quite consistent fashion. The online platform for magazines is quite user-friendly content as well.


Parabaas is indeed one of the highly reckoned online magazines among Bengali language enthusiasts. Specifically, those who are interested in exploring works of popular Bengali writers can find it an amazing platform. The interesting part is that they have added the latest section for Satyajit Ray collections. Those interested in Rabindranath’s write-ups can find it an amazing online platform as well. The interface of the site is quite good. All in all, this online Magazine is one of the finest recommendations for all those interested in classic Bengali literature.

Dhaka Courier

Dhaka Courier is also a popular online magazine. This is basically a Bangladeshi-English magazine available with its online platform as well. Established in 1984, this is currently the longest-running news magazine. Specifically, those interested in current affairs can find this magazine really great. Apart from political news, they also cover other domains like global affairs, finance, literature, travel, as well as social affairs.

They are very popular for their arts segment as well. It is here to mention that this is a sister concern of United News of Bangladesh (UNB), which is among the prominent news agencies of the nation. Cosmos Group of businessman Enayetullah Khan is the owner of this publication.


Corporate is another immensely popular online Bengali magazine having an incredibly established reader base. This is among the highest published, as well as propagated business magazine based on Bangladeshi ICT. This magazine can prepare one to become confident in the modern-day challenging economic scenario.

One can explore extensive coverage regarding the ongoing trends occurring in the technology arena, including that of finance, as well as management. The online Magazine is quite user-friendly in nature as well. The best part about the online magazine is that it can be useful for people of all age levels.

The Star

The Star is one of the most popular magazines for those interested in current affairs. It is published as one of the extensions for The Daily Star, which is the most circulated newspaper in the English language. Moreover, the magazine promotes the secular aspects of the national, including the liberal, as well as progressive values. Moreover, it publishes things upon meeting well with the Bangladesh Liberation War norms. Aasha Mehreen Amin is the editor of this magazine, while Ahmede Hussain is the assistant editor of the same.

Ananda Alo

Ananda Alo is another great online magazine in modern times in the Bangla language. Specifically, this is considered as among the foremost Fortnightly family entertainment magazines. At the same time, they publish write-ups from TV segments and cooking as well. For Bangla entertainment enthusiasts, this is one of the finest online magazines. There are quite interesting lifestyle write-ups one can explore. The online magazine is published by Impress Telefilms Publications.


Banglastreet is another hugely popular online bangla magazine with a variety of sections. Starting from Environment, entertainment to politics, it can be an all-inclusive online platform for Bangla language enthusiasts. Those interested in write-ups in the religion and spirituality domain also can find this online platform amazing. At the same time, they publish content for 18+ groups as well. People interested in exploring new recipes can find it an amazing platform. Above all, those who are passionate about writing can contribute to them, over their online platform.

Sananda Magazine

Sananda Magazine is another hugely popular online bengali magazine at present. They, too, have wide varieties of sections for the readers to explore.  However, it’s not a magazine for those who want to explore things in politics and absolute current affairs. Instead, if you want write-ups in fashion, home décor, travel, or simply interested in blogs in various niches, then this online Magazine can be incredible for you. They have an explicit section for interviewing celebrities as well. Here one can enjoy a huge range of behind the scene videos, cooking videos, health and fitness videos as well.

Hatpakha Bengali Magazine

Hatpakha is another immensely popular online bengali magazine that covers a lot of segments. Those who are interested in Bangla literature can find it an amazing platform. Starting from short stories, poems to shayaris, one can explore many things over this platform. They accept quality write-up submissions as well over their platforms.


So, these are the most popular online bengali magazines one can explore anytime. Each of these names is equally known for its quality of writing. Check these out and let us know which one among these you often follow or would love to follow.

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