FIFA Worldcup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018

The  FIFA World Cup 2018 will be the 21st FIFA World Cup, a quadrennial universal football competition challenged by the men’s national groups of the part relationship of FIFA. It is planned to happen in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018,] after the nation was granted the facilitating rights on 2 December 2010.

FIFA Worldcup 2018
FIFA Worldcup 2018

This will be the main World Cup held in Europe since the 2006 competition in Germany, and the principal ever to be held in Eastern Europe. The majority of the stadium scenes are in European Russia, to keep travel time reasonable.

The last competition will include 32 national groups, which incorporate 31 groups decided through qualifying rivalries and the naturally qualified host group. Of the 32 groups, 20 will show up following the last competition in 2014, including protecting champions Germany, while Iceland and Panama will both show up at a FIFA World Cup. An aggregate of 64 matches will be played in 12 scenes situated in 11 urban communities. The last will happen on 15 July at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.


FIFA World Cup 2018 Time Table

Group Stage : 2018 FIFA World Cup Schedule in IST
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
114 June 201808:30pmRussiaSaudi Arabian/a
215 June 201805:30pmEgyptUruguayn/a
315 June 201808:30pmMoroccoIrann/a
415 June 201811:30pmPortugalSpainn/a
516 June 201803:30pmFranceAustralian/a
616 June 201809:30pmArgentinaIcelandn/a
716 June 201806:30pmPeruDenmarkn/a
817 June 201812:30amCroatiaNigerian/a
917 June 201805:30pmCosta RicaSerbian/a
1017 June 201808:30pmGermanyMexicon/a
1117 June 201811:30pmBrazilSwitzerlandn/a
1218 June 201805:30pmSwedenSouth Korean/a
1318 June 201808:30pmBelgiumPanaman/a
1418 June 201811:30pmTunisiaEnglandn/a
1519 June 201805:30pmColombiaJapann/a
1619 June 201808:30pmPolandSenegaln/a
1719 June 201811:30pmRussiaEgyptn/a
1820 June 201805:30pmPortugalMoroccon/a
1920 June 201808:30pmUruguaySaudi Arabian/a
2020 June 201811:30pmIranSpainn/a
2121 June 201805:30pmDenmarkAustralian/a
2221 June 201808:30pmFrancePerun/a
2321 June 201811:30pmArgentinaCroatian/a
2422 June 201805:30pmBrazilCosta Rican/a
2522 June 201808:30pmNigeriaIcelandn/a
2622 June 201811:30pmSerbiaSwitzerlandn/a
2723 June 201805:30pmBelgiumTunisian/a
2823 June 201808:30pmSouth KoreaMexicon/a
2923 June 201811:30pmGermanySwedenn/a
3024 June 201805:30pmEnglandPanaman/a
3124 June 201808:30pmJapanSenegaln/a
3224 June 201811:30pmPolandColombian/a
3325 June 201807:30pmUruguayRussian/a
3425 June 201807:30pmSaudi ArabiaEgyptn/a
3525 June 201811:30pmIranPortugaln/a
3625 June 201811:30pmSpainMoroccon/a
3726 June 201807:30pmDenmarkFrancen/a
3826 June 201807:30pmAustraliaPerun/a
3926 June 201811:30pmNigeriaArgentinan/a
4026 June 201811:30pmIcelandCroatian/a
4127 June 201805:30pmMexicoSwedenn/a
4227 June 201807:30pmSouth KoreaGermanyn/a
4327 June 201811:30pmSerbiaBraziln/a
4427 June 201811:30pmSwitzerlandCosta Rican/a
4528 June 201807:30pmJapanPolandn/a
4628 June 201807:30pmSenegalColombian/a
4728 June 201810:30pmPanamaTunisian/a
4828 June 201811:30pmEnglandBelgiumn/a


Round of 16 – (Knock Out Round) : 2018 FIFA World Cup Schedule in IST
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
5030 June 201807:30pmWinner ARunner-up Bn/a
4930 June 201811:30pmWinner CRunner-up Dn/a
5101 July 201807:30pmWinner BRunner-up An/a
5201 July 201811:30pmWinner DRunner-up Cn/a
5302 July 201807:30pmWinner ERunner-up Fn/a
5402 July 201811:30pmWinner GRunner-up Hn/a
5503 July 201807:30pmWinner FRunner-up En/a
5603 July 201811:30pmWinner HRunner-up Gn/a
Quarter Final: 2018 FIFA World Cup Schedule in IST
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
5706 July 201807:30pmWinner 49Winner 50n/a
5806 July 201811:30pmWinner 53Winner 54n/a
6007 July 201807:30pmWinner 55Winner 56n/a
5907 July 201811:30pmWinner 51Winner 52n/a
Semi Final: 2018 FIFA World Cup Schedule in IST
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
6110 July 201811:30pmWinner 57Winner 58n/a
6211 July 201811:30pmWinner 59Winner 60n/a
Looses Final: 2018 FIFA World Cup Schedule in IST
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
6314 July 201807:30pmLoser 61Looser 62n/a



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