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Hi, hope you are doing well, today we are discussing misconceptions related to digital marketing strategy.

 “Digital marketing is not free and cost-effective! – It is a two-way communication and productive. It converts your efforts into sales.”

This is ever growing and emerging field; therefore it makes digital marketing susceptible to misconceptions. People become influenced; make the wrong decision and take harmful steps in digital marketing strategy.  Here I have made a list of 14 misconceptions regarding digital marketing strategy that maybe you also believe, and It provides an idea to take your products and brands to a higher marketing platform.   Let’s check and test yourselves: if it is beneficial for you and grows your business in the market!!

  1. Making a strategy to make more traffic and think more traffic-> website gets the better

->We all know that getting traffic for a particular website is very important to get high rank for the website.

  • But it should be right traffic. It means the traffic should be coming from the targeted audience.


  1. My business is not so much impressive for digital marketing

->People believe that why I use digital marketing? They think that consumer only has interest in the good and impressive product.

  • But this is not true. Now a day people search everything on the internet from toothbrush to nightwear and from clip to gadgets.


  1. Digital marketing can’t generate sales directly

->Thinking is like that, digital marketing directly generate leads not sales. When you get leads and so your website ranked on a search engine.

  • But in the opposite, it is not like that. Digital marketing gives you data analytics, tools and all, This techniques implement an active website, and get sales.


  1. Making a good digital marketing strategy and apply them to grow a business is very time consuming

-> Who is thinking that making strategy and applying them is very time consuming then it is a misconception.

  • If you just concentrate on your audience and product related things, the strategy doesn’t take so much time. It could get positive results for your business.
  1. If anyone trolled or give bad comments to your business, then it will be harmful

->Online platform is public, and even if you are putting your product online, there is obviously possible someone gives bad comments and trolling.

  • But think the other side; you can improve your product and service and make efforts towards that. They have right to give feedback.


  1. Paid advertisement is not beneficial to get traffic

->You think that no one is clicking on ads, and it is not beneficial for you. Most of the consumers think that these ads are not trustworthy at all.

  • But the paid advertisement gives results rapidly if you do it in right way.


  1. I have to just make all social media page for business promotion

->We all know the power of social media, and adding your profile in social media is beneficial. But if you are thinking that just making profile or page on every social media is give you more success.

  • If you want a promotion, you have to put an update on pages. Contrary to make pages is not enough to get success


  1. You can do all promotion without a website

-> We discussed in above post and it is also not beneficial if you are thinking that only social media works for you.

  • But without a website, it is like impossible to do all the promotion on only riding on social media back. The high-quality site takes your business to another level.


  1. Only digital marketing is enough

->It is the belief that, the world is become digital and technical driven, just you have to do digital marketing to solve your all business needs.

  • But digital marketing is an effective platform for promoting your business, not the solution of all your business needs. It is an integral part of overall marketing.


  1. Only making a website is enough for business growth- no need for a digital marketing strategy

->As I discussed above, only digital marketing is not enough without a website, as the only website developing is not enough to do marketing.

  • We all know internet and website are evolving nowadays. If you want to do promotion, you have to become updated and apply new social media engagement.



  1. Once I failed to make a good strategy, I will never be successful

->Once failed then ever failed, that is the thinking of people who apply digital marketing strategy for their business.

  • Sometimes it is possible that marketing strategy is not good and fails, but you can get a lesson from that and again make strategy, and it will be better than previous.


  1. You have to invest so much money to do digital marketing

->Most of the consumers have a misconception that digital marketing or online marketing means you have to invest a significant portion of the budget in digital media marketing.

  • This is not right for a bit. In spite of, you can start working by investing nominal amount and get a better result.


  1. Add more and any type of content and it will make my website good

->Good digital marketing strategy is adding content to the website and you can get more traffic.

  • Quantity is not important, random content is not so important for any website. Add content that targets relative audience and it must have good quality and original.


  1. Digital marketing strategy is not an essential part of business strategy

-> Concentrating on only product manufacturing, not giving attention to online marketing because it is not a necessary part of your business, it is a misconception.

Contrary, Digital marketing is very essential and effective part of business strategy. Improving digital marketing and get good business growth.

Hereby, I give you all the information about all misconceptions related to digital marketing strategy 2018. Hope you can understand and debunk them by ignoring them.

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