Google confirms rolling out the mobile intrusive interstitials penalty yesterday

Google said the mobile intrusive interstitial penalty went live yesterday, but webmasters have not claimed any issues yet.

Google has officially confirmed they have begun rolling out the intrusive interstitial mobile penalty yesterday. Google warned us that this was coming almost a six months ago, and it did start rolling out on January 10, 2017, as Google promised.

Google’s John Mueller and Gary Illyes confirmed the penalty began rolling out yesterday.


google-analytics-trackingThis penalty only impacts intrusive interstitial that happen directly after going from a Google mobile search result to a specific page. It does not impact or penalize pages after that, so if you have a intrusive interstitial that comes up later in the click path on your website, this won’t impact it: it only looks for the intrusive interstitial after the click from the Google search results page.

Google said this means “pages where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results may not rank as highly.”….

We have yet to hear of webmasters complaining about being hit by this penalty, but as things change, we will let you know. MORE

By Barry Schwartz

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